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1. I’m so pleased that Christine made Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts an official thing. Join in at Bookishly Boisterous every Thursday.

2. Can’t wait for the Edward Steichen & Art Deco Fashion exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria – opens next week.

3. Book trailers. Discuss (but only after you’ve watched this one).

4. How many days to break a habit? My three-month-long book-buying-ban should have smashed the 21-day make or break a habit rule and true, since my ban ended, I haven’t been on a book buying frenzy…

…until this week – Magda (how could I not after that trailer?!), The Circle by Dave Eggers, Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding, Sense and Sensibility by Joanna Trollope (which I’ll surely regret), We Are Water by Wally Lamb and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.


5. I’m still trying to complete my university enrollment for next year. Seriously, the process is like death by a thousand cuts.

6. School holidays are over. Thank goodness because things were starting to unravel (as some of my tweets illustrate):




7. My washing machine died. Bugger it. Would rather be spending my $$ on item no.10 below.

8. Book lust – new Penguin Australian Classics hardbacks. Aren’t they lovely?


9. I loved this article on the 100 top things you honestly don’t need to do before you die published in The Guardian last week. Timely, because I was tired of tweets about Breaking Bad (no, I haven’t watched it and nor have I watched [or am likely to watch] Game of Thrones). Have I mentioned that television series and I have commitment issues? No? Well I’ll save it for another week.

10. It’s really, really lucky that Kate Spade don’t ship directly to Australia because otherwise serious credit card damage would have been done with the new library-inspired collection (especially this and this).


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  1. I totally hear you on #4, I was doing very well with book buying (occasional book here and there) but then two weeks ago I bought over 7+ books in one go. Oops, lol. Great selection you bought! (am curious to hear what you think about Trollope’s Sense and Sensibility; I actually talked about that project of authors modernising Austen’s works in my thoughts this week xD)

    Love the covers for the Australian classics! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your washing machine dying. It’s a pain in the butt when that happens…we recently had to get a new dryer because our old one was making this annoying screeching sound =S

    • I have never actually read anything by Trollope – kind of think of her as an ‘old lady’ author (clearly have seen some of her books on my mum’s shelf). Anyway, I’ll proceed with caution because you shouldn’t really mess with Austen…

  2. Agree re: that purse. And of course you need a Henry James clutch – how perfect is that. I haven’t watched Breaking Bad either, but I might give it a try to appease my brother (who insists it’s the best thing ever to have been on television – he’s 19, mind you).

    I want a new washing machine so badly, but I refuse to spend the money. Right now the washer and dryer are in a closet with built in shelves above it. I have about an 18 inch clearance to lift the lid and put clothes in. Every time I bang my head on the shelf or crush my fingers because the lid fell I fantasize about buying a front loader washing machine. I might want to stop buying purses…

    I don’t know if I like book trailers, but I did find that one a bit intriguing. I’m not convinced quite yet, but it would get me to read the blurb.

    • I’m checking in with Nordstrom every other day to see when ‘my’ bags arrive 🙂

      In my days BC (Before Children) I thought that all a laundry needs to be is a cupboard with a washer (we have dryers in Australia but most people use a washing line). Now I have fantasies about an enormous laundry with bench space and baskets for sorted and folded washing…

      I seem to be seeing more and more book trailers – are there more or am I just noticing them? Is it BAD that we have to entice people to read with a video clip?

      • I miss living in a place where you could have a washing line. Here (being Colorado instead of Boston) we have at least 6 sold months of winter, but we do have one in our backyard. You couldn’t dry anything from October through April unless you wanted it crunchy though.

        Book trailers have definitely spiked in popularity. It’s an actual “thing” now, especially for YA contemporaries. I’m not actually to fond of them, but maybe they’ll just take some getting used to? I usually prefer to form my own mental images…

      • Funny because I have friend-of-a-friend in California and she uses dryer 100% of the time – thinks Australian washing lines are ‘pre-historic’! Was under the impression that people rarely had washing lines in the US?? Apart from fact that I LOVE things dried in the sun, my not using a dryer is also environmental decision (I’m a pale-green-greenie and applaud your use of cloth nappies {I did the same and the joy when they were done was immense}). In winter we can still use the washing line but if things are damp, I hang them over the heating vents.

      • I imagine having (or not having) a washing line is a fairly geographic/economic division. In California, I think it would be rarely used (despite having a great climate for it in SoCal). We have a lot of Home Owners Associations in the US that prevent people from using them (they are considered to unattractive for nice neighborhoods). Where I grew up, it was very normal to have them, especially for sheets, towels, etc. As I said, I still have one now which I use mostly for the above and for diapers, but for other things as well. Some of my neighbors have them too and I do like in a nice area of Denver. I’m probably medium-green (which is to say very dark green hippie here in the US).

      • And in regards to laundry, my youngest uses cloth diapers and I fantasize about the day I am no longer washing those. Can’t. Wait. Christmas break, toilet training begins (unless he miraculously shows initiative before then).

  3. I think I’m going to have join in on this Bookishly Boisterous!
    I’m super intriged by The Circle, will be keeping an eye out to see what you think of it, and oh my gosh I’m so excited for The Goldfinch to release.
    My washing machine just died this past weekend but I fortunately still rent… but I’m still waiting for management to get me a new one. *sigh* Meanwhile the laundry piles grow daily.
    That purse? Is gorgeous.

  4. Hey – love the blog! I have a rather random question. Would you ever consider some of the Penguin Australian Classic hardbacks pictured in the post? I’m trying to find Monkey Grip, Picnic at Hanging Rock and the Merry-Go-Round in the Sea, and they seem impossible to find! If you’d consider selling them, I’d love to get in touch 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for visiting! I’m sorry to say I don’t have those books 🙁 The picture was from the publisher. Come to think of it, I don’t reckon I ever saw them in my bookshop (the two I would have bought would have been Hanging Rock and Monkey Grip. Sorry I can’t help and good luck tracking them down.

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