Stacks of shame

You know that website Dog Shame? I’m thinking of starting one featuring readers standing next to their to-be-read stacks. While holding bookshop carrier bags. BECAUSE WE KEEP BUYING BOOKS EVEN THOUGH WE ALREADY HAVE TONNES TO READ. Well I do anyway…

A month ago I posted a mention of Whichbook – a website that suggests titles based on your reading preferences. In the comments section of this post, Christine from Bookishly Boisterous and I had shared our ‘TBR stack shame’, both confessing to towering stacks of books (with the inexplicable desire to obtain still more).

Unlike me, Christine attempted to do something about it –

twitter convo

I did promise to make June my ‘no book buying month’ and in fact I’m going to extend it to ‘no-book-buying-season’. Yes, until the end of winter I will be reading exclusively from my TBR stack and what’s left in my NetGalley queue (lots). So here is a pic of my TBR stack. Obviously it doesn’t include e-books. I know, INSANE.


Bloggers, please feel free to post something similar so that I’m not the only one confessing…

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  1. I’ll see your stack of shame and add my stack of shame which sometimes includes DOUBLE COPIES of books. Yeah, I buy them, then I forget I’ve bought them, and buy them again. I’m thinking of offering them for adoption on my blog. I put one up for a new home, pay the postage and send out.

  2. I have got to my TBR pile under control too…. I have hundreds of books that I still need to read. Which would typically be a sad state, however, I just did a sweep and actually got rid of 100+ so it’s even worse that I STILL have that many to get through. Need to quit my day job.

  3. Yep, that. Exactly. I’m too embarrased to post mine. And my library’s annual Whale of a Used Book Sale is this weekend. I’m going.

    It’s like the literary walk of shame.

    For reference (and some of these are obvious): Empire Falls, Double Feature. Yes.

    Gone Girl, The Lifeboat. Meh. (though I think I’ve just reached the conclusion I’m too twisted to enjoy things like Gone Girl – it just seemed to guessable to my dark mind).

  4. Trust me you aren’t alone and if it helps any, my pile is considerably larger and we won’t even discuss those on my virtual shelves LOL

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  6. I decided to give up buying books for Lent. My brother thought I was going to blow a blood vessel or something but I actually got through it, sanity intact! lol (granted, I kept winning ARCs in the meantime, which my brother said was cheating but I never said anything about books from contests so I think I was in the clear ;)) I’m actually thinking of putting myself in a no-new-books-embargo after the month of June because my to-read list is getting pretty ridiculous, lol

    Btw, I see some fantastic titles in your photo (including Mandery’s Q! <3)

    (Great post idea btw, will post up my tbr pile on my blog in a little bit)

  7. My TBR shelf is actually two whole bookcases…. I’m ashamed to post a picture. Then I have my ARC stack…. then I have the stack that doesen’t fit in the bookcases….then I have my Kindle *hides*

  8. Loved your pile, so many good books. I would add another meh for Gone Girl, honestly don’t understand the fuss. Past the Shallows is wonderful and deserves a bump up the pile (assuming pile is in reading order?). I have a whole book shelf of TBR and what makes it worse is I am a librarian and work in a public library & I still can’t stop buying books.

  9. Looking back now, I realize it was actually you and I who were commenting about our stacks of shame (I knew that sense of deja vu was coming from somewhere! Though us book bloggers almost ALL seem to have this problem…) — but I give Christine (love her blog too!) major credit for actually doing something about it…I haven’t bitten the bullet yet and cut myself off though I probably should… I’m hoping for a good solid summer or reading to help whittle down the piles at least. I will definitely be posting my own stacks of shame post as soon as I get home and can take some pictures

    • What are the chances of having TBR stack confessions discussions with two Christines, both who have book blogs with double-barrelled B names (Buckling Bookshelves and Bookishly Boisterous)?! Still, as you said, it is a fairly common problem in some circles!

      • In these bookish circles, I the odds seems higher than one would think! I’m not so good with twitter, so I was definitely the christine in the post comments, lol An excellent reminder that I should do something about this “problem” as much as I don’t really want to… I’m afraid my own stack of shame is much more than just one stack at this point in time — you’ll see what I mean when I get my photo up…

  10. I would post a photo of the books I own (not counting ARCs) that I need to read, but it would honestly be about an entire bookshelf full – and I can’t stop buying/borrowing!

    I think we have a problem… D=

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  13. I am lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, because I have very little space to keep books. I can only have so many books. Once I get over the amount I can fit on my shelf and what I try to pile next to my bed, I have to get rid of some of them. I guess it keeps me in check. It will be bad once I move to a bigger space!!

    Now my online TBR shelf, that is a whole other story.

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