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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new ‘top ten’ challenge is posted – anyone can join in. This week’s topic is ‘Top Ten Bookish Confessions’ where I’m supposed to reveal all my deep, dark bookish related secrets. I’m not sure I have ten things to confess but here goes…

1. Haven’t read Harry Potter. Not a single one. No interest (I can hear you all collectively screaming).

2. I feel guilty buying books from places like Book Depository (because they are so cheap) – it does nothing to support independent bookshops in Australia or the local publishing industry. How do I sleep at night? Well, I always buy Australian authors in Australia, from an independent bookshop (and I read lots of Australian authors).

3. I think sometimes library books smell yuck (which means I don’t feel like reading them).

4. I put most of my book purchases on my ‘secret credit card’ otherwise my OH would have a conniption about how many books I buy!

5. I always fold the corner of pages.

6. I always write in the margins of books and underline passages that I like. Some people call this graffiti, I call it showing love.

7. I find it kind of annoying that the post on my blog that get the most hits (Fifty Shades of Grey) is not representative of my reading habits. At all. Note that my ‘review’ of FSoG is not nice.

And lastly (and hence the picture at the top) –

8. I do get a little peeved that my book group hardly ever discuss the book! That’s not to say what we DO discuss isn’t interesting but sometimes I really want to talk about what I’ve read.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I loved Anne of Green Gables and I’m looking forward to tackling Anne of Avonlea soon. I am in two book clubs and both of them start off socially but at some point in the meeting we get down to the book. One person is the designated discussion leader for that meeting (it shifts around) and they will pose a question to get us going and then keep us on track. I wonder if the other gals in your club haven’t actually read the book so they don’t mind not discussing it.

  2. I tend to feel guilty about buying books from The Book Depository as well, but really my only other option is Indigo-Chapters, the big bookshop chain in Canada (they bought up or squeezed out all the independent ones; there’re only a couple left in Toronto and they’re not easy for me to get to). But when I first came here from Australia I was dismayed that Chapters was all there was. Not what I was used to! It’s hard for me to buy books from small business bookshops because I can buy two for the price of one through TBD, really. When you have a book addiction, it’s hard not to follow that kind of maths!

    Library books sometimes smell like wee. Especially the picture books! (I remember that clearly from when I was little!)

    • I would be so upset if my local bookshop closed – I love browsing there and it’s not the same ‘browsing’ at Amazon or TBD. But it is really difficult when a new release in the bookshop is $28 and at TBD it’s just $9… I think books are more expensive in Australia than the US and UK as well. Hence my ‘rule’ of buying Australian in Australia (support the local publishing industry).

  3. I think I’ve only read one Australian author, and while I was reading the first book, it just felt weird–like the wording and pacing was off, then I realized that, wait, this author isn’t American, ohhh, that explains it and settled down to really enjoy the book. 🙂 (in case you’re wondering what book it was, it was Evil Genius)

    • Nice observation about Australian vs US writing style – I agree, there is a subtle difference in pace. I haven’t read Evil Genius but if you are looking for more Australian authors, check out my ‘Australian’ tag – I read lots! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. I always feel bad about buying books at Amazon, too – and ever since I started blogging I pretty much only buy American ones although I am German and I do like a lot of German authors – it’s just so hard to balance things out. Also, I promised myself I’d buy more books at real (if possible independent) stores as soon as I’m out of school and have a real job. We’ll see how that goes, though 🙂

    • It’s tough! The worst thing is I would be DEVASTATED if my local book store closed because I love browsing there – regardless of what people say, you can’t ‘browse’ Amazon or TBD in the same way as you can in a real book shop.

  5. I’ve read one Harry Potter and felt no need to read any more. Definitely won’t be reading Fifty Shades of Grey – ever. The amount of books I read I couldn’t exist without a library. I like Book Depository for the range but don’t buy Aussie authors there. I too fold, underline and highlight books I love, particularly non fiction. They’re used like a workbook.

  6. One more , I never joined a book club because I don’t want to read books I have no interest in, as I had enough of that as a manuscript assessor at times. That’s one readson I only review books I think I might like.

    • One thing I DO like about book group is that it forces me to read a few books that I ordinarily wouldn’t pick up – and that has led me to discovering some great books (The Book Thief comes to mind). That said, reading time is precious and if my group has picked something that I am really not enjoying, I stop reading.

  7. Sometimes my library books smell a bit odd too, but whatever it is, my cats LOVE it. They adore just rubbing their faces on the corners of the books, and I’ve returned more than a few with kitty teeth marks in the plastic covering.

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