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One of the features I love about my Kindle (but fail to utilise as often as I should) is the ‘sample’. Yes, Amazon will give you a chapter or two for free.

I’ve got dozens of samples sitting on my Kindle and I think it’s decision time – I need to put in some hard yards reading samples and then either commit or ditch.

Some Kindle users I know ALWAYS get the sample before buying the book. I should do this too. I suspect that I don’t simply because once I start a book, I always finish it (the exceptions I could count on one hand).

I’ll fess up – I have 46 samples – books in the transit lounge of my life. I’m going to start reading and will report back on how many I went on to buy and how many I trashed. While I’m at, I’ll tally up the money I would have spent ‘buying before trying’.

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