‘Red Hook Road’ by Ayelet Waldman

I picked up Ayelet Waldman’s latest novel, Red Hook Road, with high hopes. A few years ago I read Love and Other Impossible Pursuits and it left a lasting impression – the mother’s grief, her awkward relationship with her stepson and the strain in her marriage were finely detailed and absolutely heart-wrenching. I was also sucked in because I love a little author hoopla and Waldman got it in spadefuls when she declared in an interview that she loved her husband more than her children – kapow!

Red Hook Road revisits some of these themes – mothers’ grief, unravelling of relationships, death. The story is set on the coast of Maine over the course of four summers and tells the story of two families, the Tetherlys and the Copakens, and how they deal with a tragic accident. Continue reading