Helvettaca… Or something like that

After recently reading Just My Type by Simon Garfield, I laughed all the more when this crossed my desk (via Swiss Miss) –

“My friends Lori and Matthew are graphic designers and they are bonafide typenerds. This shows in the fact that they named their sons after typefaces; Cooper Hudson and Holden Rockwell. Now, Cooper, who is 5, recently asked his teacher not to use Comic Sans in the classroom. The teacher, having a hard time making sense of Coopers typeface suggestion, sent this email to his parents:”

What’s more distressing – Comic Sans or spelling and grammatical errors in a teacher’s email?!


‘Just my Type’ by Simon Garfield

I notice fonts. I’m not a font nerd (you know the type, someone who can spot the difference between Helvetica and Arial at twenty paces) but I will admit to writing something and then fiddling around with the font until the type ‘matches’ the writing. Which is why I pounced on Just My Type – a book about fonts by Simon Garfield. Even if you’ve never switched your font from the default Times New Roman, you’re sure to find this book thoroughly delightful.

Just My Type is a history of fonts – not a chronological and fact-heavy reference book but rather a collection of stories about designers and pivotal moments in the history of typefaces. Continue reading