‘The Boy Under the Table’ by Nicole Trope

“People never really got beyond the concept of an eye for an eye. Especially when someone took your child.”

This quote is toward the end of Nicole Trope’s recently released The Boy Under the Table. It’s true, isn’t it?

The story begins with Tina, a young woman escaping her past on the streets of Kings Cross. On a cold night in the middle of winter she breaks all her own rules when she agrees to go home with a customer. What she finds in his house will change her life forever. Meanwhile, in rural New South Wales, Sarah and Doug are trapped in limbo, struggling to come to terms with the ‘loss’ of their son, Lockie, abducted at the Sydney Easter Show.

I wasn’t sure about reading this book. Since having my own children, I find topics such as child abduction particularly hard to stomach. Indeed, I read much of The Boy Under the Table with a ball of soggy tissues in my hand. Continue reading