My Friend Anna by Rachel DeLoache Williams

It took all my restraint to not type ‘Anna Delvey’ into Google as I was reading My Friend Anna by Rachel DeLoache Williams because, although I was vaguely aware of the outcome of Williams’s ‘Sex and the City meets Catch Me if You Can’ story, I couldn’t recall the detail. And it is the detail that makes this memoir so engrossing. Continue reading

Non-fiction November – Book Pairings

I’m not a huge reader of non-fiction but my book shelves reveal my weaknesses – books about genetics, pop-science, the Art Deco era, and memoirs (am I allowed to count them as non-fiction?) make up the bulk of my non-fiction reading.

On the strength of that (and a little belatedly), I have decided to take part in Nonfiction November (spotted at JulzReads and Sarah’s Book Shelves).

This week’s non-fiction topic is ‘book pairings’ – pair a non-fiction title with a fiction title. Continue reading

‘One Fifth Avenue’ by Candace Bushnell

Remember when chick-lit became a ‘thing’? You’d walk into a bookstore and the new release stand would be a sea of hot pink book covers featuring stylised handbags or stilettos. I read more than my fair share in those first, heady days of Jennifer Weiner, Marion Keyes and a million more. In fact, so similar were all the covers, titles and storylines that on more than one occasion I would be a few chapters into a book before I realised that I had in fact already read it.

Since my nineties chick-lit binge, I’ve become far more discerning about what chick-lit I read. I tend to stick to the authors that I know, who also happen to be the authors that have stuck around. Candace Bushnell is one of them.

When we all fell in love with Sex and the City, we also raced out and bought the book. The book is very, very different from the television series – I enjoyed it as a stand alone read and put SJP et al out of my mind. Bushnell joined my list of chick-lit authors to read. Continue reading

Enforced down-time = reading bonanza

I have a little hospital stay coming up. If it weren’t for the pain I’m likely going to experience, I’d be bloody excited about the prospect of four days lying in bed with nothing to do but read.

Pain or not, it’s best to be prepared. So I turned to my reading pile to decide what I’ll take along.

As well as the TBR list I published earlier in the week and also the titles I haven’t yet tackled from a list earlier this year (The Snow Child of course, The Freudian Slip by Marion von Adlerstein and 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami), I’m also adding these six books – Continue reading