Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Perfect night for a friend’s birthday party, with the added fun of The Casanovas.

02. Yay! First bits of the Rising program released.

03. Saw the film version of Miriam Toews novel, Women Talking – gripping and frightening and maybe the Oscar winner this year…?

04. Watched: Sisi (SBS OnDemand) – story of Duchess Elisabeth of Bavaria, who became the Austrian Empress. If you’re in the mood for visually-stunning-costume-viewing, this is it.

05. Baked vodka sauce gnocchi with burrata for the weeknight win (I’ve mentioned it before, but if you’re buying your gnocchi – because I’m not making it from scratch on a Monday night – Lello rules).

06. Listening: The Teskey Brothers’ new single, Oceans of Emotions (and pleased to hear that their third album is released June 16).

07. Also had a Damien Rice revival, and remembering that I had the album O on constant rotation in 2002.

08. Olgavision – when therapy and Eurovision come together. It was like a comedy show created just for me! Such fun.


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