Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Spectacular walk on the Yarra near Jumping Creek.

02. And then a superb lunch at Olivigna.

03. Watched: Colin from Accounts (Foxtel/ Binge) – I loved every minute

04. Watching: Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens (ABC) – I am not a gardener. At all. But the first epidsode on the secret gardens of Venice sucked me in.

05. Summer Sunset Frosty Fruits are back! (this is important news in our household – our absolute favourite)

06. Hard rubbish collection and I cleared out so much stuff (for collection, for the op shop, for recycling). Huge effort but so satisfying.

07. Made those Kewpie roast potatoes that are doing the rounds on Insta. OMG. Amazeballs.


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  1. I think Monty Don must have lured quite of few of us with those Venetian gardens… I commented on it elsewhere this week and Kim from Reading Matters had watched it too.

  2. Lol. Yes, the Venice gardens… I couldn’t fathom why I’d never seen that big one off St marks and turns out it wasn’t “repaired” until 2019. My last visit (out of 4 or 5) was Christmas 2016.

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