2022: What I Read

Here’s my year in books (tomorrow I’ll post my favourites for 2022) –

I read 88 books in total (down from 93 last year). According to Goodreads, that’s 25,145 pages. The longest was Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen at 592 pages, and the shortest was Foster by Claire Keegan at 89 pages.

Of those I read, 69 were by female authors and 19 by male authors.

21 books were by Australian authors (18 female authors and 3 male authors) and the rest were from America, England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Albania and Saudi Arabia.

I read 61 books from authors who were new to me in 2022.

Of the 88 books I read, 17 were published in 2022. The oldest was Mrs Dalloway, first published in 1925.

Almost a third of my reading (34 books) was non-fiction (22 of which were memoirs).

My reading format remains altered by our COVID years, with more audios than I listened to a few years ago. This year, I read 19 hardbacks and listened to 29 audios and the rest were e-books.

I read mostly contemporary literature and memoirs, plus essay collections, short stories, historical fiction, biography, pop-psychology, and one dystopian novel.

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  1. My reading has altered during the Covid years, but ‘by’, I’m not sure. I think I’m driving less and therefore consuming fewer audiobooks (which make up about 80% of my reading)..

  2. Your reading list seems far more diverse than mine this year! Looks like you’ll have plenty of fodder for starting books for #6Degrees of Separation in the future! Wishing you a wonderful reading year in 2023!

  3. Nice review. It’s always good to be able to look back at your reading year.

    I always make one, as well. However, I never manage to get such a lovely picture together. Do you use a certain app?

    • I take screenshots of my Goodreads challenge and then stitch the pics together – it is a little bit fiddly (and I’m sure someone more tech-savvy than me could do it easily) but I like having a visual and often look back on it if I’m trying to recall a book.

  4. You had a very good year it seems. I also read Mrs Dalloway, but did not like it so much as some of her other books. I read 89 books. I will also, like you, try to read myself around the world. Always interesting to go into another culture and traditions.

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