Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week (a day early)

01. Waves were caught (very difficult to get two kids on the same wave and in the same photo!)…

02. …and the rest of our time in Anglesea was so relaxing (even got to read a whole book at the beach).

03. Anglesea means a stop at Freshwater Creek Cakes for their passionfruit sponge and cornflake biscuits (exactly like my Nan used to make).

04. A Christmas celebration with my wonderful book group; a Christmas BBQ with old friends (a perfect evening and I met some new, really lovely people); and Christmas Eve cocktails with dear friends who always make me laugh.

05. A special gift all the way from the ABBA Arena in London (I love it so much).

06. Party dress.

07. Watching: Uncoupled (Netflix).

08. This Twitter thread made me laugh and laugh.


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