Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Did the Royal Exhibition Building Dome Promenade tour. Views across Carlton Gardens were lovely, but it was the interior and the basement exhibition about the building that was the best.

02. Possibly the best thing I’ve discovered for summer (because the mozzies are insane).

03. The most delicious chicken sandwich.

04. Watching: Finished Marie Antoinette. When’s S2? Also, how good is White Lotus S2?

05. Erstwilder and Miffy colab.

06. BOM calendar (I think it’s their best yet).

07. Already my favourite summer cocktail.

08. Yarra walk this week at Bolin Bolin (see it in flood while you can) and a pop-in to Laughing Waters (with an excellent lunch here).

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    • Because I’m basically wearing that cream as a moisturizer, I’m covered all the time! There was a thing on the news tonight saying that the mozzies are ‘about to get really bad’ – they’ve already been really bad, so bracing myself for the monsters that are about to take flight. We have a few mosquito-borne diseases in Aus (not malaria) and the worry is that they will spread further.

    • I’ve finished White Lotus now – a lot of people on social media saying there were unanswered questions – I didn’t get that sense, but that said my husband and I talked at length about the ending.

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