Sample Saturday – change, a trip, and an affair

Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye.

Seeing Other People by Diana Reid

Why I have it: Because of Theresa’s review.

Summary: After two years of lockdowns, there’s change in the air. Eleanor has just broken up with her boyfriend, Charlie’s career as an actress is starting up again. They’re finally ready to pursue their dreams—relationships, career, family—if only they can work out what it is they really want.

I’m thinking: Yes (earmarking it for a beach read).

Class Trip by Emmanuel Carrère

Why I have it: Because of Cathy’s review.

Summary: Nicolas is a delicate, timid schoolboy, with an excitable, if morbid imagination. Two weeks away on the class trip fills him with dread, and when a child goes missing, Nicolas’ mind turns to gruesome possibilities.

I’m thinking: Yes (immediately hooked).

A Brief Affair by Alex Miller

Why I have it: Because of Kim’s review.

Summary:  On the face of it, Fran is a woman who has it all – a loving family and a fine career – until a brief, perfect affair reveals to her an imaginative dimension to her life that is wholly her own. She finds the courage to risk everything and change her direction at the age of forty-two.

I’m thinking: No (style too descriptive for my taste).

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  1. Class Trip is tempting, although I must be shying away from scary/horror books because I read Cathy’s review when she published it and lingered over it, as I’m doing now, but went to the no. Not because it doesn’t sound good or well written but because of this reading space I’m in right now. Meanwhile, I’ll look forward to what you think.

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