Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Spice World at the Lido. I had no memory of all the insane cameos, or just how bananas the whole thing was. But the best lines went to Roger Moore and in particular his sage pronouncement, “It’s time to hang your pants on the hook of darkness – whether they are clean or not…” (Plus it was so much fun to go to a movie where the audience cheered and clapped).

02. Before Spice World we went to Plaka Gyros for dinner. The lamb gyros was de-licious, as were the kolokithokeftedes (zucchini fritters). Will be going back.

03. Charged out on Saturday morning with the friend I walk the Yarra with, for a look at water levels. Sure, houses and roads don’t like floods, but billabongs and River Red Gums do (pics from Bolin Bolin billabong, and the River at Banyule Flats). You might just be able to see the submerged sign post in the first pic for context…

04. Saw the remarkable No Feeling is Final by Honor Eastly at The Big Anxiety (based on her podcast). Classed as ‘live performance memoir’ about Eastly’s experience of suicidality, she began the show by saying, “Spoiler alert! I’m still here.”

Recovery doesn’t look like the way we might think. It doesn’t follow a script. Find a way of being with yourself… And there’s no single way of that happening.

05. Watching: The Split (S1 and S2 on Stan, and S3 and S4 on ABC iView in Australia). Absolutely engrossing.

06. Vice & Velvet (especially the Laneways soap and the Rockpool scrub).

07. Despite the oddly unappealing photography, the recipes in Very Good Salads look great, and I’m ready to try a couple (especially the red capsicum involtini; pumpkin and spiced chickpeas; roasted leeks with pomegranate, walnuts and greens; and potato salad in radicchio leaves).

08. Piecework puzzles have playlists. How good is that?!

09. Holiday planning.

10. My acorn was doing well… but the acorn broke away from the stem of the oakling… so this may be the last pic.

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  1. Am visiting mum. Went book shopping in Warrandyte then mum wanted to see “the tunnel”, which I had never heard of, but was there sure enough (shortcuts a big bend in the river). Lots of water, and as you say, very healthy for the river and parks.

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