Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Finders Keepers Market at the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building – my favourite things: these amazing candles (especially the ones that look like knitting); this ceramicist; and these fancy plant stakes.

02. Three dinners this week with three separate groups of friends – conversations and laughs over food are the best.

03. Applied for a new passport a few weeks ago. Was told the wait would be months. It has arrived already!

04. After a two-month Covid hiatus, I’m back to the glorious smell of chlorine.

05. Watched: Bombshell (great casting) and The Bling Ring (crazy story).

06. John O’Donohue speaking about the inner landscape of beauty (it’s an old episode from the On Being Project podcast).

07. Florentine potato bake. Winter deliciousness.

08. Fun socks (no, I don’t wear odd socks but wanted to show-off two new pairs).


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  1. *chuckle* Love the way that link to the Florentine Potato Bake claims it has a health score of 6.2. Not the way I make it with cream and cheese it doesn’t.
    BTW Poor folks in Italy would probably make it with sorrel which grows like a weed in my garden, and is a delicious addition to any quiche.

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