Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. When I went to Germany in 2018/19 I bought a cuckoo clock. I’d wanted one for so, so long. Because of COVID, it has taken me ages to organise someone to come and hang it (it’s both delicate and heavy, so not a matter of a nail in the wall). Anyway, it’s up and I love it so much.

02. Ordinarily I keep politics out of this forum… but… I’m very pleased to be living in an electorate (Kooyong) where my vote could result in a significant change. All I’ll say is that there is something ‘teal’ on my front fence.

03. Lucy Tweed has a new cookbook on the way (exciting because Every. Night. Of. The. Week. is one of my most-used cookbooks).

04. Dangerous (because everyone knows strawberry is the best square in a block of Snack).

05. A return to the opera this week – La Traviata, always a joy.


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  1. You will be pleased to hear that I have made what is for me a substantial donation to the Ryan campaign. Even if there isn’t a change of government, I have a bottle of sparkling in the fridge to celebrate if That Man loses his seat. He hates Victoria and Victorians so much that he kicked us again and again during the lockdowns and I think the nation will be better off without him.

  2. Strawberry, closely followed by orange and then pineapple. When I first repatriated I went mad buying & bingeing on Snack chocolate. I’m over it now but for about a year I couldn’t get enough of it 🤷🏻‍♀️

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