Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Here is my sensational Sunday:

  • Gimlet for Melbourne Cocktail Week (my fave was the Silk Screen -sloe gin, white port, toasted barley, lemon, raspberry). Then off to laugh our guts out at…
  • Nath Valvo – saw him last year and he was first on the list this year when I was booking Melbourne International Comedy Festival tickets. Then, dinner at…
  • Meatball & Wine Bar – food to soak up all that gin and fun.

02. Earlier in the week, I saw MTC’s Admissions. One of the best plays I’ve seen in years, and it features two memorable monologues (would urge everyone to go, however the rest of the season is sold out!).

03. I also saw Hamilton this week. It was very good, and the lighting and choreography was exceptionally well done. But I’m still at a loss to understand the cult status, particularly in Australia…?

04. Marimekko had their first warehouse sale in years, and when you get one of only three carparks right at the door (in a minuscule street in Richmond), it would be rude not to go in.

05. Watching: The Ultimatum (Netflix). Always fascinated by people who issue ultimatums in relationships (heads-up, it’s been described as Netflix’s new ‘…10-part bin fire‘.

06. I’m glad the election has finally been declared. So, so sick of all the faux-campaigning.

07. How good is the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program?! I’ve got rebates on a bunch of things.

08. My Nan and I used to watch Bold & the Beautiful together. This article made me laugh.

09. Hot Cross Bun crullers from Moon #FTW

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    • Thank you 🙂 This weekly post was particularly important for my mental health when we were locked down during the worst of COVID, as it prompted me to enjoy the ‘little things’ (although I’m loving being able to do the ‘big things’ again).

  1. The Brits are obsessed by Hamilton, too. I know people who have gone to see it multiple times. I don’t get it. And I’m not interested in seeing it myself.

    Those crullers are making me feel hungry.

    • The audience was going crazy at particular bits, which suggested they had seen it before. I went in fresh – hadn’t listened or watched the tv version. I’m unlikely to listen to the music again (compared for example to Matilda which, after I saw the production (in London), I immediately got the soundtrack.

      • I tried to listen to the music. It’s just not my thing. And I’m with you re: Matilda. Took my nieces to see that in London. It was the best!

  2. It may be rude to not walk into a Marimekko, but OMG the prices! We went to their shop in Helsinki and all I could afford was a little change purse. (Mind you, my husband did buy some bed sheets there several years back when he was there for work, despite the cost. See, the ones I got on a 50% off sale back in 1979 in the US are still going strong, so… you get what you pay for!)

    • What I like about their clothes is the fact that they are timeless. I have pieces that I’ve had for more than ten years and they are still as good as when I bought them. And I still love wearing them. Worth every cent. The sale was very, very good (dresses were AUD$85).

      • I have the wrong build for their clothes, I think. But the timelessness – both style and quality – is the same with their bed linens. The design I have from 1979 is similar to what my husband bought a few years ago, and they will look just as good in 20 years!

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