2021: What I Read

Here’s my year in books (tomorrow I’ll post my favourites for 2021) –

I read 93 books in total (up from 80 last year). According to Goodreads, that’s 28,131 pages. The longest was The Secret History by Donna Tartt at 629 pages, and the shortest was Can You Ever Forgive Me? by Lee Israel at 144 pages.

Of those I read, 75 were by female authors and 18 by male authors.

29 books were by Australian authors (27 female authors and 2 male authors) and the rest were from America, England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Hungary, and Ghana.

I read 64 books from authors who were new to me in 2021.

Of the 93 books I read, 28 were published in 2021 (which is surprising because I didn’t feel I was up with the latest…).

A third of my reading (31 books) was non-fiction (22 of which were memoirs).

My reading format was completely different this year (I attribute this to ongoing lockdowns). Usually, my reading is dominated by e-books, followed by hardbacks, and a handful of audios. This year, I read 22 hardbacks and listened to 29 audios (last year it was 18, and the year before just 7 audios) – the rest were e-books.

I read mostly contemporary literature plus memoirs, essay collections, historical fiction, history, and a few thrillers.

There’s no question that COVID has had an ongoing impact on my reading habits. It feels as if my attention span is limited, and I reckon my audio-binge went hand-in-hand with all my time spent doing puzzles (not a bad thing!). Did your reading habits change this year?

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  1. Yup: my habits changed …. for pandemic-related reasons I read many fluffy cozy mysteries …. but hey! sometimes a reader’s gotta do what a reader’s gotta do to salvage hope and humour.

  2. The pandemic has definitely affected my reading. I used to read quickly and now I find my concentration is shot. I feel like it has improved this year compared with 2020, although I don’t track my reading so I’ve no idea really!

    Wishing you many lovely reads in 2022 Kate 🙂

    • I think 2021 was more like my usual habits (2020 was the real outlier), with the exception of more audios. I imagine 2022 will be back to usual habits for me – this is not based on lockdown/ covid predictions but rather on the fact that I am not studying in 2022 so will have a bit more recreational reading time.

      • You’re a free woman!
        I studied full or part time for over 25 years of my career, and I just didn’t know what to do with all that spare time when I stopped.
        LOL I soon figured it out though…

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