Things that are making me happy this week

01. James Reyne at the Corner Hotel (#ALLTHESTRAYA in that!).

02. Dinner with the dearest of friends at a favourite – Estelle (the asparagus with spanner crab was the highlight).

03. So my book group has been more about ‘what are you watching/ listening to’ this year, but that doesn’t alter the fun of finally getting together without screens involved.

04. Speaking of watching – And Just Like That… (I don’t care what the critics say, I loved it. And boy did I cry in the second episode).

05. I started Duolingo at the beginning of the year, and I have persisted.

06. These cookies.

07.This list of docos (summer viewing sorted).

08. The 2022 AFL fixture is out – do I dare plan an interstate trip?

09. First flower on my cup of gold vine (apparently highly poisonous but it is spectacular).

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  1. I love DuoLingo! Congratulations on sticking with it. German seems really hard to me. I started doing it early on in the pandemic (when New England went into lockdown) and was in the top 4% of French learners in 2021.

    • Oddly, I learnt French for more years at school than German, but nothing about French stuck with me! I think there is something about particular languages that resonates.
      Well done on your French study.

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