Things that are making me happy this week

01. We’re picnic-ing again. So good to see dear friends over cocktails and snacks.

02. Watched: Finally saw two series that have been on my list for ages: Mare of Easttown (Foxtel/ Binge) and It’s a Sin (Stan). Both excellent. Both made me bawl.

03. Watching: I am obviously very late to Friday Night Dinner but it is screamingly funny.

04. Okay, not happy as such but the Melbourne earthquake certainly made the week memorable (for non-Victorians, that’s our Chief Health Officer, Brett). And it was a reminder that we really have very little control, do we?

05. Received an ARC of Hannah Kent’s new novel, Devotion – pitching my expectations somewhere between Burial Rites (one of the best books I’ve read) and The Good People (which perhaps suffered from second-novel-syndrome?).

06. There’s a baby magpie in our garden – simultaneously driving me mad (it’s very demanding of its parents) and enjoying the warbling. If you’ve never heard a magpie warble, it’s quite lovely (this video is not mine but gives you an idea of baby-magpie-shennanigans).

07. Helen Garner and Charlotte Wood in convo and Ten Years of Stella.

08. Very pleased the Dees won the AFL Grand Final – it made some close friends (who have waited their whole lives for this) very happy.

09. More magic from Holy Sugar (that’s Dulce De Leche, Almond & Pecan Tart; Butterscotch Crullers; and Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie).

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  1. 3. Friday Night Dinner is ace. Very sad that there will be no more wonderful performances from Paul Ritter – an amazing actor.

    6. There’s been baby crows outside my window the last two years and I become totally obsessed so I completely understand 🙂

  2. A few months ago I did a couple of deliveries to A1 gold mine which was more or less at the epicentre of your earthquake. Glad the guys underground had no problems!

    Got stuck up the bush on Saturday so took a motel room and watched the GF. I was barracking for the doggies, so switched off early and made a start on the new Sally Rooney (which I am loving).

  3. 3. Baby magpies – well young magpies can be very trying. I sometimes feel for their parents.

    7. So many tempting events. I’ve booked for the Stella too, but I really hate the 6.30pm timeslot so we’ll see.

    9. Daughter Gums loves Holy Sugar too – and has ordered a few times during lockdown.

    Anyhow, hope you gradually get to do more fun things.

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