Things that are making me happy this week

01. Peak lockdown: wearing trackies; drinking Prosecco and Refosco from Salatin during live tour of the vineyard in the Venetian hills; eating cheeses from That’s Amore, and insanely good Baccalà followed by duck ragout with green herbs and gnocchi from Caterina’s (on Queen St).

02. Finished with tiramisu and the footy.

03. New books and book news:

  • Sally Rooney’s new one (as an aside, why all the social media meanness about this book release? If you don’t want to read it, don’t….).
  • Victoria Hannan has a new novel coming (it’s called Marshmallow).
  • never too old for the Women’s Weekly Party Cake book, and now there’s an Allen’s lolly version.
  • this glorious coffee table book.

04. TV things (a big week because I have no more uni) –

05. The closure we never knew we needed.

06. Vaccination process has started for my kids. Phew.

07. Nowhere to wear these yet but soon…

08. Sorry to keep boring you with the progress of my avocado seed, but look, leaves!

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  1. I tried to grow an avocado but all that happened was the seed went mouldy so I am impressed with your success!

    And I’m with you re: Sally Rooney. Im reading it right now and it’s fab! It’s actually MILES better than her previous two and I quite liked them.

  2. #Progress: After seven weeks of unwilling dependence on The Spouse as chauffeur since I broke my wrist, I got the go-ahead from my physio to try driving this week and much to my surprise the car started first go after lying idle for 7 weeks. I rampaged down the Nepean Hwy for a good few minutes until I remembered that charging the battery wasn’t one of the 5 reasons to leave home, so I skedaddled back to base as quickly as I legally could!

    • On my very first isolation (April ’20) the NT police wouldn’t let me move my truck, so I had to run it for a while every few days to keep the battery up.

      I was going to put the Rooney off for a while – I’ve been ignoring the hype in the Age – but Kate, you and Kim have persuaded me to get myself a copy right now (well, next Wednesday when I get home).

      • Gosh, even our vehicles are affected by the pandemic.
        (Did I mention that mine was filthy? It’s going to have to stay that way, I can’t possibly manage the car wash whatsit.., I’ve got no grip yet.)

  3. Thinking of watching Impeachment. I did read Nine Perfect Strangers, the book was OTT so I expect the show to be somewhat so as well. I agree with you on the new Rooney. There are already a lot of articles overanalysing and judging yet disguising themselves as reviews (they are not) and it’s kind of annoying. I read it, loved it, review will be up next week.

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