Things that are making me happy this week

01. It was basically summer today.

02. Have watched three MIFF films – one was okay, one was good, and one was excellent.

03. I’m not a hi-fi person. Never been one for surround sound systems or whatever the equivalent is these days… But I invested in some decent noise-cancelling headphones with all the bells and whistles and is it wrong to love an inanimate object so much?

04. These are so delicious. And these are a close second.

05. Watching: Grace and Frankie S7 (asking my daughter to knit me a Conflict Resolution Sweater – “It’s science!”).

06. About to watch: Modern Love S2

07. Waiting to watch: After Life S3 (getting the tissues ready well in advance).

08. On Thursday morning my avocado didn’t have a shoot. Nine hours later, it did. Isn’t it wonderful?!

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  1. 1. Here too … went for a walk, did some gardening, and didn’t feel hot, didn’t feel cold in light winter wear. Bliss.
    3. I’m not either, and I hate head phones. Could I really like them?
    4. I’ve put them on my list to investigate.
    8. Yes, it sure is!

    • 1. Roll on summer-proper (I prefer hot weather to cold).
      3. I think it’s a comfort thing – during all my time working from home over past 18months, I’ve had to wear earbuds and after a while, they’re not comfy. These new headphones are like big ear cushions πŸ™‚

  2. My fire escape crammed with plants in pots has saved my mental health these past 16 months, and it always amazes me how quickly they can suddenly shoot off in all directions! Congratulations on your avocado πŸ™‚

  3. 1. Be careful what you wish for. Summers are just going to keep getting earlier and longer.
    2,6,7. That’s a lot of watching (How to get through Lockdown #6)
    3. I live and work on my own so not so much need for headphones (Sue can have mine if the WA Premier ever opens the borders again).

    • Have to say, I do more watching than reading in lockdowns, and I’m not really sure why.
      Yes, headphones are a necessity when you’re with others, although I also do a lot of walking and enjoying them for that as well.

      The allure of summer… it’s partly because I haven’t been able to swim for weeks now, but as a general concept, I get that long hot summers are not at the top of the wish list!

    • Oh! Asparagus! My absolute favourite vegetable. I’ve not grown it in Australia, however my family in Germany did and when I returned to Australia after exchange I very excitedly reported on their white asparagus – it was the eighties and white asparagus was not even heard of here (and not sure that my mum believed me!). Anyway, I love it, white or green. Do you reckon it’s too late to plant some?

      • I can’t remember when its planting season is, but you need to give it a home of its own. It doesn’t like competition. Ours is in a Bunnings wooden tub.
        It takes a while, our first year we only got one, but last year we got half a dozen. I tell you, asparagus fresh picked the day you eat it is *divine*.

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