Things that are making me happy this week

01. We had a brilliant night in the city on Monday as events at the RISING festival were starting (before the official launch)-

  •  Seasons at Blakbox – a deep-listening event where local First Peoples shared their experience and knowledge of the changing landscape through the seasons – “The heavens reflect the earth, it’s the in-between that’s unknown.” (pic below)
  • the digital projection of the spirit eel across the facade of Hamer Hall (pic above) – it’s magical.
  • and dinner at Movida – always excellent but on Monday the sardine on the potato galette was insanely good (and yes, they are very large delicious sangrias in the background).

02. That the Victorian government stepped in and made vaccinations available to people in the 40-49 age bracket. Pretty much everyone I know has now either had their first shot, or is booked in.

03. Elizabeth Strout’s latest is on the way – how did I not know this before now?!

04. New puzzle.

05. Cottee’s No Added Sugar Raspberry cordial is back (after years of only having sickly sweet apple and raspberry available).

06. Deleting Facebook – it wasn’t adding anything positive to my life.

07. In Treatment S4! I repeat, In Treatment S4! (on Foxtel in Australia)

08. This tweet – it made me laugh so much.

09. That my friend, Sam, introduced me to a top spot to capture the city.

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  1. Nope, I’m cross this week. I haven’t been *anywhere* for over a year and thanks to dodgy quarantine in SA my little weekend away in Beechworth fell through. I am fed up with the Feds not funding proper quarantine facilities…

    • It was slightly impulsive but came after reading the umpteenth comment about my state’s management of CoVID from someone who doesn’t live in my state! We’re in lockdown again and FB not helpful for bolstering spirits.

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