Things that are making me happy this week

01. Footy is back, and today my daughter played her 50th game.

02. Went to see Berlin this week. Sensational. Captured everything that fascinates me about how German history continues to be experienced (I bought a copy of the play because there was so much I needed to read again).

03. New podcast from the makers of SerialThe Improvement Association.

04. We said farewell to the UooUoos.

05. That you can now write your own text for Bitmojis.

06. Tele: Modern Love (Prime) and The Serpent (Netflix) – the first is charming, the second is gripping.

07. One of my kids is into woodwork… not sure he’s ready for this but good to have goals (because it is so beautiful).

08. Lune’s Campfire Cruffins (and our all-time favourite, the Morning Bun).


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  1. So far behind, but I enjoyed this as usual.

    Making me happy THIS week:

    -one of my dearest funds became a grandma for the first time, so something more to share
    -we are at beautiful Tathra and are having a lovely time despite the rain
    -we have found a nev Tai Chi class
    -we’ve booked our next visit to Melbourne, to be there for our grandson’s 3rd birthday. Woo hoo.

    PS Talking blogs, a weird thing with your blog is that on my iPad it will not let me sign in using the WordPress iwn, so I have to key in all the details. Most WP blogs will but the odd one doesn’t. Have no idea why.

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