Book vs TV Series: Little Fires Everywhere

TV series. Because:

  • Reese Witherspoon owns the ‘controlling-mother’ role.
  • The ending is far more thrilling (and leaves it open for another season) – note that the ending in the book is quite different to that in the TV series.
  • The multiple perspectives and the flicking back-and-forth in time work better on screen.

Book. TV Series (on Amazon Prime in Australia).

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  1. I really like Reese in this but Kerry Washington’s weird overracting ruined it for me. I think however that now I would enjoy reading the book. I guess we all see things differently. – But Reese was amazing!

  2. I enjoyed the book and led a book discussion for my library, but have only watched the first episode of the TV series. I guess it was a free Hulu weekend and I didn’t move fast enough to binge the whole show. I did think Reese was awesome. I loved Kerry Washington in Scandal, although she overacted at times (as did everyone on that show).

    • I watched the first season of Scandal (and liked it) but didn’t get any further (I have a short attention span for TV shows and rarely get past the first couple of seasons of things!

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