Things that are making me happy this week

01. The NGV Triennial exhibition was absolutely outstanding. Highlights: Salon et Lumière; the Fallen Fruit wallpaper; Dhambit Munuŋgurr’s bark paintings and larrakitj in shades of blue; the story behind Pirjo Haikola’s biopolymers and urchin-corals; and my very favourite, Cecilie Bendixen’s delicate clouds (above).

02. The Bee Gees doco, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart – lots of facts I didn’t know, including that they wrote all their songs in the studio (i.e. turned up to record and started from scratch); and that Stayin’ Alive has nothing to do with dancing (but is actually about the social divide in New York in the seventies).

03. That bookings are no longer required at my pool.

04. Home for Christmas on Netflix and Shrill on SBS On Demand.

05. A friend’s mum is a great believer in ‘active rest’ (which doesn’t mean do something active in your rest time, but means actively choose to do nothing). I don’t need convincing but if you do, this.

06. Bretty for every day of the year.

07. A little crocheted Anne of Green Gables, made for me by my daughter 🙂

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  1. After you chose How to Do Nothing as the starting point for one of the Six Degrees posts, I got it out from the library for my husband (a busy university lecturer) and he’s read it over his break. I hope it has been useful!

    The Anne doll is so special! I have a friend who makes bespoke crocheted figures and I have no idea how she figures out the design.

    • I still haven’t read How to Do Nothing (even though I’m a fan of the concept!).

      My daughter is amazing with her crochet (and sewing) – she rarely uses patterns, instead is able to visualise what she wants. She’s young and doesn’t quite realise what a great skill she has.

  2. Question re the NGV.
    If you want to visit the European galleries, but are not interested in the Triennial, can you get in to see them or is access restricted to the people with Triennial tickets?

    • Everything must be booked. The Triennial is spread throughout the whole gallery this time – there are a few particular spaces but there are also additions to the regular collections.

    • I must say, it felt strange (but very, very good) to be at the exhibition. Alas, Melbourne’s run of being COVID-free for two months ended this afternoon with three new cases confirmed. Seems they came from interstate 🙁

  3. I’m sorry to hear that. We’re awaiting the announcement of further restrictions here. All a bit grim but the news of the Oxford Zeneca vaccine has cheered us up. Good news for developing countries, too.

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