Things that are making me happy this week

01. Yay for another Marimekko-Uniqlo collab.

02. We’ve only just set up our Christmas tree. No decorating theme in our house – the tree is a mish-mash of things the kids have made and ornaments collected on our travels.

03. Booked tickets for the NGV Triennial – the excitement of these events after so long without hasn’t worn off yet.

04. Dinner at Onda last week was ace (I want to know what magic they perform on their roasted sweet potato).

05. I’ve been busy working on the ‘Best Books of 2020’ list but I think this ‘Best of Wombat Wednesday’ list wins the year.

06. Bit obsessed with this Insta account focused on Australian Art Deco pubs.

07. I have a wonderfully talented friend who makes posies sourced from her own garden. She gave me a gorgeous posy last night.

08. This is on to-see list.

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  1. Well you know what’s making me happy, I’m home in time to isolate for xmas dinner. What will really make me happy is holding by 8 months old grandson, who lives in the same city as I do, for only the second time.
    6. Who knew we had some many wonderful Art Deco pubs.

    • Hooray! Glad you will be with your family for Christmas Bill. I keep seeing grandparents meeting new grandchildren for the first time on the news (as airports reopen) – makes me cry every time. I’m hopeless about things like that!

    • The lovely Rosalind Moran was one of my blogging mentees in 2019, not that she needed much mentoring I must say! As you know I never do a “best of” post, but rather a reading highlights post, which is my preferred way of talking about my year’s reading – and I will do it again in January. However, I do usually do a Monday Musings post sharing other people’s “best of” and I will probably do that again this year because it’s not mine and might interest some people.

      I did see a tweet last week from an author on how surprised she was about feeling left out when her book didn’t feature in “best of” lists. I can understand that, but as I responded, most of us end up in the chorus line, which is not to say we don’t play an important role in our respective lives and endeavours.

      Meanwhile, thanks Kate for this post. I always enjoy them. NGV Triennial! I had forgotten that. Will aim to book for that if we get to Victoria in time!

    • I’ve had a handful of standouts this year, the bulk of them came before we went into our seven month lockdown, when my motivation and enthusiasm for reading was at normal levels. It has waned for the majority of the year, and I have read far less. I’ll post my list at the end of the year (and will read up until the last moment!).

  2. OMG Marimekko! About 40 years ago I got some sheets by them that were on at a 50% off sale. I still have them and they are still in perfect condition to this day. Then, when my husband was working in Helsinki I made him buy some more (same pattern, actually. Just slightly different colors). Cost an arm and a leg, but I know they will last forEVER!

    • And equally, the clothes I have from Marimekko last and last, and are timeless in their style. I had wondered whether the quality would be the same in the Uniqlo/Marimekko collaboration, and I have to say I’ve been very impressed. T-shirts I bought from the first collection are still perfect, after three years of being thrown in the washing machine!

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