Things that are making me happy this week

01. Supernova was devastating (I took a box of tissues….). And really good. Go see it.

02. Hooray! My diving course is back on (things ground to a halt in March and only just starting again).

03. Pre-lockdown, my hair was like straw. During lockdown, and with no swimming, my hair recovered. I’m back to swimming and straw, but have found a conditioning treatment that actually works.

04. More on the swimming front – the particular joy of discovering the best goggles.

05. A little bit of fan-girling (signed copy of Really Saying Something by Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward).

06. Ocean Blues print at Mandalay Designs (I love summer dresses…).

07. New gin, made for a summer spritz.

08. The Teskey Brothers have a Christmas song.

4 responses

  1. I laughed at your ‘straw’ comment. I have just start aqua aerobics again. Four sessions and nails splitting and hair needed conditioner for the first time for months. Don’t swim in a pool though. Swim in our local creek on the high tide. I love this weekly catch up you do. Thanks for all the links.

  2. For me, it’s been a walk along the Bay. It’s walking distance from my place, but I hadn’t been anywhere near it during lockdown because it’s was so crowded and fraught with people exercising or pretending to so that they didn’t have to wear masks. It was so beautiful to be back I could have cried even though I hadn’t realised I was missing it at all.

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