Things that are making me happy this week

01. My Yarra River walking project continues. Today we followed the River through Ivanhoe. Pic is taken under the Banksia Street Pipe Bridge.

02. My son finished school this week. What a year… Proud that he managed to stay focused and motivated.

03. Had my first post-lockdown float. Wonderful.

04. Just knowing this exists made me happy…

05. Did my first bit of backstroke in over a year this week (I blame my frozen shoulder although COVID restrictions haven’t helped…). Great to be in the water and looking at the sky 🙂

06. I love mint green nail polish as much as I love shades of blue. My current favourite – Bubblegum by Kester Black.

07. Not exactly happy viewing, but I’ve been glued to Addicted Australia. I hope there are some happy endings.

08. This week’s Holy Sugar delivery… I’d share, but too late (the passionfruit sponge went first).


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  1. I’m glad you find things to make you happy, though so many involve sugar! I used to be good at backstroke but never enjoyed it (the whole water running over my face thing) but I dream of lap after lap of fluid butterfly, that dolphin flow through the water which I never achieved.

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