Things that are making me happy this week

01. Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin virtual tasting (I mixed along with Cam, the distiller).

02. After a number of false starts, the course that I enrolled in at the start of the year is finally beginning. I’m looking forward to getting back into study mode.

03. You have to think, if it wasn’t for COVID, we wouldn’t be getting this particular joy.

04. The German menu on Atlas Masterclass.

05. Holy hell this granola is good (and very easy to make).

06. Who would have thought that this was necessary for Melburnians to plan their social life?!

07. My results have been updated again – I’m now more Scottish than Irish; more Scandinavian than German; I’ve said goodbye to the Mediterranean; and I’m holding on to my Eurovision minorities (Belarus, Moldova etc) by a thread. I don’t take this stuff too seriously, it’s mostly a competition between my brother and I as to which of us is more exotic.

08. Last but not least, thanks for the kind messages left last week after I said I’d had a horrible week. A special thank you to Lisa, who sent some very wise words via email that have replayed helpfully in my mind all week.


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  1. Some great happiness makers here Kate … love the German Oktoberfest menu, though with dietaries, I can’t partake.

    As for Ancestry, I’m completely bewildered about how one’s DNA can change. I love that you are your brother have a competition though. I was astonished to find that mine had a goodly amount of Eastern European about which I know nothing in my family. And far less Scandinavian which I know I do have. I also have NO English, which either means it’s wrong or my English forbears were really Scottish or Irish! I do know I have Welsh and Scottish, and both these showed up, but I really did think my Mum’s side was largely English! As you saw, you can’t take it too seriously.

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