Things that are making me happy this week

01. Wearing my Eurovision tees, even on work days, because I can.

02. Olive and Mabel – here and here (Andrew Cotter also turned his attention to Victoria’s penguins).

03. Lit Hub answered my request for a recommendation (their suggestion was The Yellow House by Sarah Broom – I haven’t read it but it’s exactly the kind of book I enjoy).

04. Creaking trees at Bolin Bolin Billabong.

05. Dead to Me S2 (Netflix).

06. Browsing the schedule for the Hay Festival.

07. That my friend Sam brought surprise scorched almonds on one of our therapy walks.

08. This clip of Venice minus the crowds. And this gorgeous confection celebrating the Hong Kong Ballet.

09. Miles Franklin 2020 longlist – hoorah for Tiffany, Wood and Winch.

10. Watched the Whitney doco on SBS and have had her albums on loop since.

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  1. What did you decide to join from the Hay list? I’ve registered for Anne Enright and Hilary Mantel so far. once again there were not that many literary events ….

    • So far I’ve only registered for Enright and Lisa Taddeo (I need to work out the time differences – no point registering for things that will be held at 3am Australian time!).

      • The time difference was an issue for me too with the Yarra valley festival – so many sessions I would have enjoyed but couldn’t face having to get up at crack of dawn to join

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