Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. I did get to the German Film FestivalBalloon was brilliant. Tense, but brilliant (and I drove home feeling like the Stasi were following me). Hoping to get to at least one more Festival film.

02. Yes, there was the tiger who came to tea but for me, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit was one of the books that set me on the path to a lifetime of reading. Vale Judith Kerr.

03. The Meg Wolitzer talk I went to can be heard here.

04. I initiated an email recipe exchange amongst friends recently, with the brief being ‘pasta bakes, curries, and tray baked meals that are easy to cook, serve, reheat’ (because three nights a week I have six people eating dinner at different times, anywhere between 5pm and 9pm). I got a bunch of recipes that I know will work, thanks to them already being friends’ favourites.

05. Listening to Death in Ice Valley (real life Nordic noir) and watching Dead to Me (excellent twists and funny!).

06. TV adaptation of Trent Dalton’s Boy Swallows Universe. If you haven’t read it yet, get on it.

07. Nice things about people who read here and here.

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  1. Since I don’t eat meat but my husband does I’m all for recipes that are easily adaptable. I did one tonight which is called Hunter’s Chicken (I used Quorn for the non meat version). An easy barbecue/spicy tomato sauce I can send you if interested

  2. I love one pot meals. Any you care to share?

    Over summer I got into the Buddha Bowl style – roasted veggies, cooked up some quinoa, bought some fresh greens, roasted some nuts, and made a tahini dressing. Put them all in the fridge and I had summer meals ready to go. Oh and because we eat meat I sometimes flaked in some smoked trout/salmon.

    Mr Gums as I did a staycation last weekend for our wedding anniversary. We booked into the hotel near Palace cinemas, booked into the classy restaurant in the neighbouring hotel for dinner (that hotel’s rooms were booked out) and went to THREE German Festival films. It was great. We saw The balloon, The keeper (which stars the sewing father from The Balloon) and Gundermann. Loved the first two, and enjoyed Gundermann because of its different take on a Stasi story, but it was too much o f a music film (for the fans) and not enough of the guts of the story. I’m very glad I saw it though. The actor did a great job.

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