Sample Saturday – a NYC love story, a murder, and a family secret

Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye. This week, all three are samples that have been on my Kindle for years.

The Proposal by Tasmina Perry

Summary: Heartbroken Amy answers ad requesting a companion for a mysterious ‘Manhattan adventure’. She travels to New York with eccentric aristocrat Georgia Hamilton, who schools Amy in the art of old-school elegance.

I’m thinking: No – it’s a chick-lit style thing.

Cartwheel by Jennifer Dubois

Summary: Lily Hayes arrives in Buenos Aires for a semester abroad. Five weeks later, her roommate, Katy, is found brutally murdered. Lily is the prime suspect.

I’m thinking: Maybe… this is a ‘fictitious’ Amanda Knox story, right?

The View on the Way Down by Rebecca Wait

Summary: The story of Emma’s two brothers – the one who died five years ago and the one who left home on the day of the funeral and has not returned since.

I’m thinking: Yes, I like the writing style.

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    • Yes, the number of samples has reduced (of course I keep adding to them!) but given that I ultimately reject over half, I think of all that reading time that could have been misdirected.

      Thanks for that link to Overhaul. Oddly enough I’d been considering something similar. I do a single post at the end of each year where I pick the top 15 books I’ve said ‘yes’ to. How many of these 15 have I then gone on to read? Don’t know. Stay tuned!

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