Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. It makes me very happy to think that most of these kids (approximately 30,000 at the Melbourne Climate Change protest) will be voting within five years (pic above taken by my 16yo son. Pic below via Twitter).

02. Christchurch. No words, just heartbreak.

03. Gun control. What does it take?

03. Very excited to hear that Charlotte Wood has a new novel coming out in October (The Weekend).

04. And that Jessica Lee has a new memoir, Two Trees Make a Forest, coming out in November. And an essay in a collection about pond swimming, At the Pond.

05. This article about George Pell and ‘justice’. Which loops me back (yet again) to Small Wrongs by Kate Rossmanith, and also to the convo I had with Theresa and Lisa about The Bridge.

06. This podcast about ‘critical reading’ and its importance for teenagers is fascinating.

07. And this podcast featuring adults reading things they wrote as children is hilarious (especially Kate Miller-Heidke [Australia’s Eurovision 2019 representative] reading from her teenage diary).

08. What I’m watching (and loving) – Flack (seems it’s getting canned by critics but they got the memo that it’s a comedy, right?) and The Cry (absolutely gripping, and based on the book by Helen Fitzgerald).

09. A ‘bone’ cloud (actually altocumulus).

10. I’m hosting my book group’s next meeting. I’ve chosen The Erratics, which I think will generate a lot of conversation. These will lighten the mood.

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  1. Ooh, exciting to hear about Jessica J. Lee’s new projects. I will definitely read those! The book club pie chart made me laugh. It is fairly accurate of my neighbourhood book club (which calls itself ‘Books, Booze and Banter’), though we do eventually get round to a fair bit of discussion of the book. Otherwise I wouldn’t go!

  2. The climate change demos are the best cause for hope I’ve seen in what feels like a very long time. Well done your son, and all the young people who made their feelings known last Friday.

  3. Haha, love Book Club by Numbers though my group is far more disciplined than that, thank goodness. I’m hosting our March meeting too, but our book was chosen by consensus. It’s Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead. (Now, what to make for supper…)

    We watched The cry. A fascinating story – so many layers and depths.

    As for 2, what to say … why is there so much hate and lack of empathy in the world.

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