Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. A cloud I wish I hadn’t seen – pyrocumulus. Bushfires have been burning out of control in many parts of Victoria – this cloud (pic taken by my friend, Sonali) is from the Bunyip fires that are burning 100km from Melbourne.

02. I have been to see lots of things over the past two weeks: Bananarama (so much fun, danced until our feet ached); Belinda Carlisle (sang our guts out); and a gin tasting night (run by the very lovely Caroline – she runs ace events).

03. I don’t know why (actually, I do) but this article made me cry.

04. Women’s Prize for Fiction 2019 longlist – lots in my TBR stack but haven’t actually read any!

05. MDWAP (which is the funniest podcast out there) is being made into a television show. I saw their live show a few years ago and it was brilliant. And a documentary series has been made about the case presented in the podcast that started it all for me, Serial (Foxtel broadcasting it Australia later this year).

06. And on podcasts, currently listening to The Dropout – astounding.

07. A deserted 1930s mansion becomes a canvas.

08. Breakfast sandwiches.

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  1. I was just saying yesterday how much I love Bananarama! And Belinda too of course 🙂

    The support dog story is so moving.

    I hope the bush fires are under control soon. It’s awful. I hadn’t seen it on the news here, but in the run-up to Brexit I’m rationing my viewing. I really hope people are able to stay safe.

    • I always wonder when things like fires make international news…? When there is a death toll?
      Thoughts with you re: Brexit – I imagine it’s like a large scale identity crisis…

    • 01. Yes, finally, thanks to some cooler weather.
      02. They really were sooo good (because they can all genuinely sing).
      04. And I’m unlikely to within next month or so…
      05. And now there’s a Dirty John doco as well as the tv series. So much viewing, so little time.

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