Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. I have officially completed my university studies. A study-free year… What will I do with my time?! (hint: more reading, more swimming)

02. We’ve all seen the trailer for Handmaid’s S3, right? And how clever it is?

03. Who will represent Australia at Eurovision?  I reckon Kate Miller Heidke’s Zero Gravity has Eurovision written all over it. Set Me Free, To Myself and I’m On My Way also contenders.

04. These author talks.

05. Fascinating.

06. They taste like perfectly made buttery Vegemite toast

07. I’m making dulce de leche for the first time this weekend. What do I need to know?

08. I still want one of these

09. I’ve switched from true crime podcasts to podcasts about cults.

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