Greetings 2019

Hello lovely readers!

I’ve just returned from a five-week holiday (you might be able to guess some of the places I visited from the pics above but if not, I’ll be boring you with holiday posts over the next few weeks).

More importantly, apologies for my lack of response to comments over the past five weeks, and for my patchy readership of other blogs – normal service will now resume 🙂

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  1. By all means boast about your holiday. I had four weeks at home for the first time in years, people came to me and I loved it. (But does this mean you’ve lost your little piece of heaven at Macleod?)

  2. Well, I LOVE Florence, and my first (in fact only) visit there was around this time of year – maybe a bit later in January. I’ve always intended to go back – but preferable in a slightly warmer time. (I haven’t visited all those other places. Will enjoy any holiday posts you care to publish.)

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