Eurovision 2018 – my predictions


Here are my predictions for Eurovision 2018. I won’t bore you with the rationale but essentially it’s a stupid mix of what I want to win and what I think will win (I would be excited if I got one right) –

01. Norway
02. Ireland
03. Germany
04. Australia
05. Sweden
06. Albania
07. Czech Republic
08. Slovenia
09. Bulgaria
10. UK
11. Finland
12. Moldova
13. Ukraine
14. Spain
15. France
16. Portugal
17. Hungary
18. Israel
19. Estonia
20. Lithuania
21. Italy
22. Austria
23. Cyprus
24. Denmark
25. Serbia
26. Netherlands

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  1. Cyprus kind of got to me although haven’t seen all of the entries yet. I liked Greece too but they didn’t get through! I loved the ‘story’ of the Irish one, as in the love story acted out in the background, but the song itself is very weak (I’m from Ireland)

    • I kind of felt like Cyprus was a Beyoncé-ripoff… slick but not very original.

      The Irish song – I’ve been humming it since I heard it (that’s always my test – which ones do I keep humming). Anyway, we’ll know in about 14 hours – can’t wait!

  2. Loved France! The kids wanted Czech Republic to win but actually I thought Moldova was something different! (The look on their faces before they realised there were more people behind the boxes!)

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