Lately (Summer edition)

Anticipating: the Marimekko exhibition at Bendigo Art Gallery.
Feeling: appalled by this.
Making: barbeques for every meal (we’ve been without a barbeque for months and have finally got a new one).
Drinking: cocktails from Tequila Mockingbird
Reading: Stuff for uni while I don’t ‘have’ to (starting with Brené Brown)
Watching: Love. I LOVE it.
Listening: podcasts. Still making my way through the list.
Loving: the Christmas wreath that my 10yo made for me (she sewed all those bits by hand).

Needing: new sunnies. I’m thinking something in reflective blue
Coveting: The Everleigh Bottling Co. Antique Collection.
Wishing: that the ABC Book Club wasn’t over.
Wanting: to get everything I need for Christmas Day in just one trip to the supermarket…
Wearing: neon pink polish on my toes (I’ve never been a fan of pink but neon seems to make it okay).
Aiming: to get my 2017 photo album up-to-date before the end of the year.
Enjoying: Summer Sunset Frosty Fruits – tangy and super delicious.

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  1. We are all appalled even over here on the far side of the continent. Of course you’d give over prominent public space and piss the Koori Centre off to make way for the world’s largest corporation. Imagine if you had a Conservative govt!

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