Book vs. TV series – Seven Types of Ambiguity


  • character motivation was convincing and more particularly, back-story was seamless (the flashbacks in the television series were clunky)
  • intricacy and detail to the story that was missed in the television series
  • because we all need a conclusion, no matter how open to interpretation that is.

Book here. Television series here.




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  1. I really need to get this read, it’s been in my TBR forever. I’m not sure if we’ll get the series over here. Is that Hugo Weaving on the promo picture? He is brilliant, I might be tempted…

    • Trying to think of a really good example of flashbacks done well in a movie but can’t (that said, they weren’t terrible in A Man Called Ove).

  2. I’m less than halfway through the book and seriously questioning if I should keep reading. I was enjoying it, then the thought struck me – this is indulgent; needs a damn good edit – and now, I’m not sure if I can recover…

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