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I’m a bit fickle when it comes to tele. I go through stages when I get sucked into a series and then other times, I hardly watch a thing. The last two months have been so busy and disrupted that I’ve gone days without turning on the television (actually, there was a two-week stretch of no tele in there…). But I’m feeling like some binge-watching, some new shows to hook me.

Before you send suggestions my way, be aware that we only have one television (I know, practically Amish) and it’s often on the football channel – if I get control of the remote, it’s not for very long.

Also, we don’t have Netflix or equivalent but it seems the evidence (i.e. The Crown) is mounting as to why I should get it – I’m thinking I may subscribe and just not tell anyone so that I can get my shows in before the rest of the family goes crazy with their own stuff…

Anyway, here’s what I have managed to watch (and love) lately –

Here’s what I’ve missed during the last mad couple of months (and I’ll have to somehow catch up) –

Here’s what I’m looking forward to –

Here’s what everyone tells me I MUST watch –

And for the record, I still haven’t watched Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black. I know right?

What else needs to be added to my TBW list?






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  1. Just starting the new Twin Peaks. A must for any fan of the original. Unfortunately all the great TV means I read less ๐Ÿ™

    • I think I’m the only person in the world who didn’t see the original Twin Peaks and even more amazing is that I’ve had a 20(?) year media blackout so I still don’t know who killed Laura! I didn’t see it the first time around because I was on student exchange in Germany- I’ll start with watching the original!

      • Definately watch the first. I can’t follow the new one one yet & I was a super fan. It’s crazy stuff.

        Must add Breaking Bad is great & This is us is my daughter and I favourite we share together.

        Can I also add some Nordic crime – The Killing & The Bridge were my favourites of the last few years together with the first season of Broadchurch. See what I mean about no time to read. ๐Ÿ˜

  2. I enjoyed Seven Types of Ambiguity. The acting was great. I also enjoyed 13 Reasons Why. I’d not read either book I must confess. I am watching This is Us but am a couple of weeks behind so just need some time to binge a little. I haven’t watched much Netflix lately… I think I’ve been reading more and when I’ve settled down in front of the TV it’s been for something I’ve taped.

    • I taped This is Us but then we had to move house and needed a new FOXTEL box so lost everything is taped ๐Ÿ˜ฉ I’d missed too much to catch up on IView as well.
      I started Seven Types last night. Already hooked.

  3. I love Thirteen Reasons Why, The Crown, Victoria, This Is Us. Check out The Americans, if you can. Excellent. Also enjoyed Stranger Things.

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