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I haven’t been around these parts much lately so was absolutely shocked and devastated by the belated news of Heather Croxon’s sudden and tragic death. Heather blogged at Bits and Books.

I’ll miss Heather’s wonderful and thoughtful book reviews (I’ll always think of her when I think of The Museum of Modern Love). I’ll miss seeing her pics of Sydney skies popping up in my Cloudstream. I’ll miss her pithy tweets.

Since hearing the news, I have been struggling to reconcile the seemingly superficial and fleeting world of online connections with the fact that real and meaningful bonds are formed. Heather and I never ‘met’ but I counted her as a friend. My thoughts and love are with her family and her ‘in real life’ friends.


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  1. Oh that’s terrible. It is so hard to comprehend these sorts of freak accidents that take a person’s life in an instant just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A second or so either way and she’d be here. That is so so hard … I feel for her sister and family.

    It’s always scary with bloggers that you may not know what’s happened to them when they suddenly stop posting – has something happened to them? And sometimes we never know. Yet, we feel we know them, that they are our friends, don’t we. It’s good if someone else has access to our blogs so they can write a “completion” post when things like this happen. I’m sure the responses/comments they get (and I’ve seen a few of these – including Kevin from Canada) really add to the the family’s feeling of being loved and supported (not to mention showing them how much their person was loved and appreciated).

  2. I hadn’t come across Heather, but am sad for your loss and it is strange when bloggers disappear. When I followed a lot of blogs through the Sunday Post link-up I’d message some people who disappeared for a while to see if they were okay.

    I wrote a post ages ago about what happens if you disappear suddenly – from a blog / social media etc… No one knows my log-in info to get on and leave a message for readers / virtual friends.

  3. I only just learned about this yesterday. And I had just recently been thinking I hadn’t seen her around for a while… So tragic. 🙁

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