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01. It’s old news now, but the interview that broke Twitter last week is one of the best things I’ve seen in years. I’m torn over my favourite part: the ‘what’s goin’ on in here?’ dance; the man swatting kid; plot twist baby’s entrance; wife’s crouching door close; or the background wailing.

02. It reminds me of a fabulous interview with Alexander Downer many years ago. He was being interviewed at home (presumably to make him seem like a more personable guy) and, while walking through his garden, his kid pops into the frame and points to the washing line and says “These are dad’s undies.” Gold.

03. I might have to do a post on the podcasts I’ve been enjoying lately… But in the meantime, I’m looking forward to S-Town.

04. Week two of uni and I’m already snowed under by #ALLTHEREADING.

05. Authors and their drink of choice. This is why I love Fitzgerald.

06. I forgot to mention this in my post about my visit to Shene.

07. It’s boring to talk about weather but just quietly, I’m over 22°C nights.

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  1. My favourite part is the swagger on the kid when she walks in. Cracks me up every time. And yeah week two of study here too and ALL THE READING! Urgh! It’s so boring it gains no traction. I try reading out loud in a silly voice!

    • I used to sit down and devote a solid morning or afternoon to my uni reading but this extends well beyond – I’m averaging two hours of reading per one hour lecture = argh!

  2. I love the bit where he clearly thinks his daughter’s been distracted, then in toddles the cheery-faced, plump baby in his walker. I think they’re all a bit stunned by the attention, well maybe not the daughter who looks ready to take over the world. Cheered us all up no end, though!

  3. I’ve seen a few things online about how he didn’t get up because he probably wasn’t wearing pants in his at-home interview, which makes so much sense. There is also a female parody version that I found hilarious.

  4. It’s still really hot at night here as well. It’s been mid 20s or so and I’m fantasising about it getting under 20C. I wanna get my flannelette PJs out!

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