Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


01. Particularly relevant were 2.02pm, 2.04pm and 4pm.

02. Ohh look! (Or rather, listen) – a Stella Prize podcast.

03. This list of podcasts is ace (I’m running out of library audiobooks that appeal, so will be switching back to podcasts in the new year).

04. Picked my 2017 Reading Challenges. Have showed little restraint, as usual.

05. If you’re looking for reading challenges, there’s a bunch listed here, here and here.

06. Saw my GP today, told her the details of my melanoma. Her response – “You have a guardian angel looking after you…So lucky.” *I know*.

07. Deeply in love with this nail polish. Particularly this one and this one.

08. A ten-episode television series of The Handmaids Tale – excellent.

09. I was looking for a new show and found Divorce. So dark. So not-what-I-expected-from-an-American-comedy (which I later found out it’s not. It’s written by the brilliant Sharon Horgan, the mastermind behind another favourite, Catastrophe).

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  1. 1. Family dinner this coming Sunday, but I’ll be driving (no crashing at ex wife’s this year) so limited gin. And no, I didn’t pick up on GoCP either.
    4. No challenges for me but I look forward to the reviews from yours.
    6. Nice to be so lucky just in time for Christmas

  2. That’s a lot of challenges – I’m impressed!

    All those podcasts….I subscribe to so many, and then forget to listen. I might make it a new year’s resolution to get up to date with the gizzillion podcast episodes I have in my library.

    The Handmaids Tale looks great – and it can’t be any worse than the film version, which is one of the worst adaptations I’ve ever seen. Long overdue!

    • I’m most looking forward to Around the World challenge – inspired by you 🙂

      I’m quite hopeless with podcasts as well – have dozens queued up but don’t always listen in a timely manner. I’ve stopped subscribing to radio-show podcasts, figuring if I don’t hear it live, too bad. There’s a bunch that I listen to in the car with my kids – makes a change from music on long trips.
      I tend to be unforgiving with podcasts – if it doesn’t grab me immediately, I ditch it (need to apply the same rule to books!).

  3. I saw the trailer for Divorce and considering my love of SJJ I wanted to watch this so bad. Not to be all oh woe is me but I’m going through something similar so thinking might not be the best time to dive into that. Since I’m living it. Ha. BUT I will definitely be watching The Handmaid’s Tale. 🙂

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