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01. Another hotly contested Tomato Chutney competition at the Kyneton Show, another first prize. My greatest rival came second… Just saying.

02. Adele (I’m going). HOORAY!

03. Yesterday I went floating. My husband wondered why I’d want to do any activity that included a panic button but heyho, I wanted to give it a try. I loved it. People float for all sorts of reasons (meditation, stress and pain relief) but I went to actually think about what I wanted for 2017. I came out with decisions made…


04. And without sounding all “ask-the-universe-and-it-delivers-hippy-hippy-mungbean-shit”, today good stuff has happened. So yes, I love floating.

05. I wish the Stella Prize Longlist announcement wasn’t in Sydney…

06. Melburnians will appreciate this. #touchedon

07. Book smell – it’s science.

08. Look at this. Amazing.

09. When I was little, we visited the Arthur’s Seat Chairlift every summer. The kids would ride and the parents would take up various positions on the road leading toward the bottom. Sometimes we chucked our thongs* at them. It was wildly unsafe and we loved it. The chairlift has been closed for many, many years (see previous bit about being wildly unsafe) however it is opening again this summer. Will I let my kids ride? Yes (because it’s cable cars now, instead of the hanging planks of wood that served as seats in my day).

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*that’s flip-flops to you!





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  1. Congrats on the win! Very exciting…. And as for floating, I love it and miss living in a capital city / town that has such places. I went occasionally when I lived in Brisbane (and went in Byron Bay once!)

    • Floating is relatively new to Melbourne. The one I went to isn’t terribly convenient to where I live but happily the same company is opening another place in the new year five minutes from me – I reckon I’ll become a regular.

  2. Congratulations on your win (and defeat of your rival mwhahahaha)!

    I definitely want to try floating, it sounds super relaxing.

    That hotel – so beautiful….

    An Australian colleague of mine told me the very first thing she said to her future mother in law (who’s English) was “I thought it was supposed to be summer here? I was so cold when I got off the plane, all I was wearing was thongs” Apparently her m-i-l’s face was a sight to behold 😀

    • It sounds petty to mention the rival… but yes, it’s all about the rival!

      The thongs-thing NEVER gets old (works even better with people from the US who really freak out). When we were in Hawaii and hiring wetsuits for a dive my husband said to the girl at the shop “Do we leave our thongs on?” And she looked at us and the kids and seemed mortified 😀

    • Yes, long way to go for chutney however, I do take jars of it to a friend in the UK (and she always takes some back with her when she’s visited Australia) – where there’s a will, there’s a way!

  3. Congrats on the chutney, amazing. Floating: did it in the ’80s and really liked it. Can you DM me the info on where please? So I’m guessing you’ve decided what you want to do/work/study next year, looking forward to hearing more details. And how are you going re the book buying ban? Do you have any slots left? I’m also looking forward to your yearly wrap up about your 2016 reading.

    • Will DM you float details – I really loved it and still feeling calm today. Most amazing part of it was my sleep last night – such a deep sleep but woke up so refreshed.
      I made some decisions about what I want to do next year (a few people had been telling me not to pursue a certain path because it’s ‘too stressful’. Have decided to ignore them.
      Book buying ban still in place. I have stuck to it but no slots left (the Kent Haruf was my last purchase). I’m working out what I’ll do next year – maybe I get one book buy for every five off my old TBR list read??
      And yes, in the process of putting together the list of lists, and the ‘best of the list of lists’ – will be ready within the next fortnight.

  4. 1. Congrats!
    2. I’m so, so jealous. I expect a full report about how amazing it was afterwards (so I can live vicariously through you)
    3. I’m not so good with small spaces, but I think floating is one of those things that I would be willing to try. Maybe.
    7. I love when weird things have a scientific explanation (and when there’s infograms and flowcharts)

    • 1. Thanks!
      2. I will provide a full report. Am so excited – have been waiting for her to tour for eleventy billion years.
      3. I think if you are claustrophobic, floating would be challenging – but maybe better because it’s pitch black? Or would that make it worse? I kind of likened it to when you first go snorkelling – you have to breathe slowly and calmly for a few minutes so you’re not completely focused on listening to your heart racing!

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