But is it as good as Serial?


I’m not much of a listener (unless I’m talking with friends or playing eighties pop music or sitting at the opera). In fact, until this year, podcasts and audio-books were foreign to me. But my very old Kindle, with the wonderful text-to-speech function, has nearly given up, so I’ve been forced to consider my listening options.

I began by opening the previously unused podcast app on my phone. So modern, I know.

I started with Serial. In retrospect, a dumb move because Serial is so goddamn good and truly, can anything match it? No. But now that I’m on the podcast train, I’m not about to get off. This is what I’ve discovered –

01. Dear Reader – City of Melbourne librarians talk books

02. Gastropod – food with a side of science and history

03. Invisibilia – human behaviour, storytelling and scientific research

04. Modern Love – readings from the NYT column, Modern Love

05. The Sporkful – I’ll overlook their parody of Serial

06. Sodajerker – songwriters on their music (side note: I love Ron Sexsmith)

07. Naked Genetics – genetics-lite

08. Deliciously Stella – #gettheglow with the best #cleaneating* podcast

What I want to know is this: which podcasts are as good as (or better than) Serial? Tell me, I’m all ears.




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  1. I had a brief flirtation with podcasts some years ago, but now I’m too lazy to track them down and upload them to an iPod which I never listen to anyway. I rely on my twitter feed to let me know if there’s something worth listening to, and I listen to it via my laptop but it had better be short because otherwise I get sick of playing solitaire while I listen to it.

    • I was always too lazy to upload podcasts as well which is why when I got my new phone and saw the app I thought to myself, “Now what was that podcast everyone was talking about on Twitter last year…? Serial…?” And then I was addicted (to Serial, not podcasts per se).

  2. I got bored of season 2 of Serial. I maybe need to revisit it.
    The only other podcast I bothered with in my fleeting love affair with them earlier in the year was ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’, which is hosted by Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince. It’s a science show, but it makes science kinda accessible. For example, I’ve never really understood string theory, but thanks to the Monkey Cage I got it (but I’ve forgotten most of it now). They always have a bunch of scientists and non-scientists on the show discussing things, so there’s an educational element and an entertaining element.

    • Season 2 of Serial was just as good I reckon however it did take a few episodes to get into. Also, they introduced a bunch of people at the beginning of S2 and at first I was trying to keep track of them all but soon realised it didn’t matter – the individuals are largely irrelevant by about episode 5.

      I’ll check out Monkey Cage – sounds exactly like the sort of thing I’m into.

    • Have you listened to Serial podcast? If not, you’ll LOVE it.

      I’d like to listen to Burial Rites… I have listened to a few audiobooks that are ‘rereads’ – it’s a different experience. Does your library have Borrowbox? It’s an audiobook lending app.

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