Sample Saturday – a murderess, two friends, and stolen cash


Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye.

The Basic Eight by Daniel Handler

Why I have it: No idea – perhaps the cover reminded me of Heathers?

Summary: Flannery Culp has had a spectacularly awful senior year. Among other things, she has been branded a murderer (which she says is a lie – because she’s a murderess).

I’m thinking: No. I suspect Secret History/ Heathers fan-fiction, which would be irritating. Please advise if I’ve jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Tender by Belinda McKeon

Why I have it: one of the 2016 releases that called my name.

Summary: Dublin in the late nineties, best friends Catherine and James. She is a sheltered college student, he an adventurous artist – life takes them in different directions. Crisis hits.

I’m thinking: Yes.

The Bricks That Build Houses by Kate Tempest

Why I have it: One day, #ALLTHEPEOPLE  added it to their Goodreads wishlist. So I did too.

Summary: Young Londoners Becky, Harry and Leon are escaping the city in a fourth-hand Ford Cortina with a suitcase full of stolen money. How did this happen?

I’m thinking: No. The style is interesting but it didn’t grab me.

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  1. I’ve seen a couple of things online with Kate Tempest this last week – the QANDA episode is worth looking up. It made me think defo her novel is on the list, for next year. By the way, bought my first allowed novel yesterday, my friend Jane Abbott’s WATERSHED. It’s not my usual read but am partway in and really immersed (and not just because it’s not Indian fiction either. She’s done such a good job with it.) Happy weekend!

    • I usually avoid QANDA (and Twitter on Monday nights!) because it makes me shout at the tele but I have heard lots about Tempest recently (guessing she was at SWF??).

      Is Watershed the book about the sealing industry? I really want to read that one after enjoying Rush Oh! so much.

      • 1. I never watch QANDA unless it’s a writery one or politician free. And always after the fact. It was a great episode. 2. Yes she was at SWF. She is so impressive, look up that QANDA if you get a chance. 3. Watershed is not the sealing book, that one is by Sarah Drummond, another writer pal, and it’s out this year as well and is my 2nd allowed book. No, this one (Watershed) is dystopian, climate-change stuff, fantasy elements, action, violent, dark, driving storyline. I’m looking forward to the sealing one, it’s called The Sound, available later next month. Rush Oh! is on my list for next year.

  2. Don’t say no to The Basic Eight! It’s amazing. Totally f*cked up and weird, but amazing. It’s Daniel Handler’s first novel, and has a lot of his humor in it, and is really worth reading, IMHO.

    • Okay, now I’m wavering! I did like the opening chapters and thought they were funny and sharp but I didn’t know if that could be sustained for the whole novel – sounds like yes, it is.

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