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#ALLTHEAUTUMN – It’s cool in the morning, even a touch of frost. Bugger. I’m not ready to move on from summer yet.


#ALLTHEYUM – Do you think I can stretch out summer with this from Drizzle and Dip? I think yes.

#ALLTHELUCK – I won this book last week. It doesn’t count as part of my only-six-book-acquisitions-for-2016, right?

#ALLTHESTUFF – Our neighbours were away last week and said I could use their bins. These opportunities are gold so naturally I threw out tonnes of crap. And I haven’t even read Marie Kondo yet…

#ALLTHEACTIVITIES – We’re only a few weeks into the school year and I’m already over the ferrying – footy, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, drums, guitar, swimming, Cubs, double bass, athletics. Yeah, that’s what after-school activities times four looks like…

#ALLTHETELE – Downton, Girls, still going with the stupendous BBC War & Peace… and there’s a new show (for Australia) called Togetherness – should I watch it?

#ALLTHEGELATO – there’s a new gelateria near our house, Piccolina. It would have been rude not to try it immediately. It was nice (but not as ace as Pidapipo in Carlton). To be fair, I’ll give them another go and next time will try their watermelon, lime and mint granita (another reason for summer to hang on a little longer).


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  1. That gelato looks delicious! I think I need it to be summer again here so I have an excuse to buy all the ice cream…although itʻs technically hot enough to be summer anyway, thatʻs a good enough excuse I think.

    Won books definitely donʻt count!

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