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    • Not my usual genre for reading and although I liked the book well enough, I didn’t race out to read the second book in the series (and still haven’t although the movie revived my interest).

      • I was gonna tell you that you don’t need to read the second book, because I cannot even remember what happen in that one, but then I checked my goodreads and I gave it 4 stars so clearly I liked it (although it might have been a 3.5 stars being rounded to 4 because 3 felt too low). After reading the synopsis, I remember that it was quite cute and a good sequel.

  1. I just finally saw the movie! The snow scenes are pretty gorgeous, and I loved her parents in the movie. I think I still prefer the book, because somehow seeing it all in my head made it feel more real and tragic — but they did do a really good job with the movie.

  2. Oh dear, I’ve not read any. At least there’s no danger of me becoming a book-prize-tart! I’m really keen to read The Natural Way of Things ever since your review, but its not published here until June 🙁

  3. I watched the film first before the book, which is unlike me. But I think I liked the film more. Also, Chloe Grace Moretz is brilliant as Mia. I didn’t like Mia’s character as much in the book. Chloe made her likable to me.

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